by jeannabauer

It’s not over.

U.S. Campaign for Burma

Join us in celebrating Blog Action Day 2013 – Human Rights with our Top Ten List of Human Rights Abuses in Burma. Over the course of 2013, Burmese government officials have reached out to western nations to convince them to lift sanctions and invest in Burma. But these very same government officials continue to be responsible for ordering human rights abuses. Which human rights abuses have been particularly egregious in 2013? Keep reading to find out…

10. Land Confiscation

New foreign investment has led the government to confiscate millions of acres to use for mega development projects (e.g. mining, dams, pipelines). Two 2012 farmland laws stripped Burma’s farmers of the right to property – the government owns all “private” land, and farmers who protest seizures face severe penalties. Private, military, and government enterprises have been allowed to forcibly relocate entire towns, and destroy homes, religious buildings, and land without…

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