IndieGoGo Launch!

by jeannabauer

Longyis v1 c0

It’s Launched! 

Jeanna in Thailand: Empowering the Women of Burma 

Above is the link to my IndieGoGo campaign. I created this online fundraiser as a means to support the last third of my volunteer time in Thailand. I see the ways in which my teaching and practical support have changed the lives of women from Burma and their communities. I’d be honored to continue on.

I love my work and want the world to know! Help me spread the word! The easiest way is to share this link on your facebook pages (or Twitter feed, blog, email lists, etc). The campaign will be active for the next 50 days, but these first few days are so important!

I’m hoping to reconnect with those who know my story and many more who don’t. The journey that brought me this far has been rich with beautiful, encouraging, inspiring people. Thank you, for helping me make it this far. Thank you, for taking the time to help me today. Thank you, for supporting me in whatever way you are able.

Join me and spread the word, together we’re building strong communities.

 Happy Holidays & Happy IndieGoGo-HoHoHo! 


Also, shout out to the woman behind the beautiful longyi graphic –  Alexandra Doffing! Isn’t she brilliant?