Saving Lives & Spreading Hope

by jeannabauer


Where I’m from – people are talking about health care. Access, responsibility, affordability – it’s no small conversation.

In Burma, it’s a non-conversation. One of the world’s least developed countries – a majority of people still have little to no access to health care. Remote ethnic minority areas are hardest hit. No doctors. No nurses. No clinics. No hospitals. The most basic & preventable illnesses still cause extreme suffering.

Partners wants that to change & provides Community Health Worker Training in both Karen & Shan state. Focusing on basic preventative & curative health our programming builds capacities, capabilities & confidence. Allowing communities to start talking about health care.

Last weekend 44 Community Health Workers, 19 Medics & 6 Advanced Medics graduated from our program in Shan state. Some walked for as long as two months to participate & now – they’ll start their journeys back home. Bringing health care were there was none – saving lives & spreading hope.