Fruit Truck

by jeannabauer

“I sell some. I donation some.”

Her truck sits on the corner near the massage parlor, smoothie stand, expat bar & Thai/Burmese cafe. Nice shade. She sells mangos, bananas & avocados. The compliments & Thai lessons are free (as is most of the fruit – “you pay next time”).

“I’m not pulling your leg. You are beautiful. You look Indian. You don’t have a tan though. Now you know, this mango is to eat today. This one – tomorrow. & here is a free one for the next day. Ohhh, 26 is so carefree. At 69 you need make up before leaving the house. You sure you don’t need bananas?”

Before fruit – her business was hair. She started cutting at 15. Still does, but only house calls & no perms. “They smell terrible & take too much time. Don’t you know the Princess is in town now? That’s why traffic is so terrible. You know, your hair is okay. I learned English by studying the dictionary. Are you sure you don’t need bananas?”

Next time, I’m supposed to bring a notebook for Thai lessons & give a report on the avocados. “I can’t see inside them, ya know. & here – take some bananas”.