The Ladies

by jeannabauer


Meet K, J & P. I spend most of my days with &/or planning lessons for them. They study a lot. They work a lot. They laugh a lot & they snack a lot too.

Last year, Shan Youth Power & Partners teamed up to create the SEED Migrant Learning Center. The Mission: to build strong, healthy communities through education & practical support of migrant workers & their families in Chiang Mai. To train & empower young people to make a positive difference for their people & their community.

We can all agree that’s significant, right?

K, J & P were hired as Community Support Workers – they’ll work in migrant construction communities & simply (but not simply at all), be a resource for families in need. They’re quite the team & it’s been a blast assisting with their training. I cannot wait to see how far they go.

Oh, & did I mention they live together too – a literal power [apartment] of women.