Ponds & Lakes

by jeannabauer

Midwestern summer has thus far, proven to be the strongest inducer of homesickness. Friends, food, music, picnics, sunsets, festivals, sunshine & rainstorms – one could argue I have them all here. The missing link – rivers & lakes. Cheers to the land of 10,000. So, when I found myself with a free day this week I asked one of my Thai friends take me to the Chiang Mai University pond. It was beautiful. No exhaust! A cool breeze! “In my state Minnesota…” started every sentence.

Because of my obvious joy – he suggested lunch at Huay Tung Tao lake. Yes. On our drive, there was no denying the grey clouds. They were mean grey clouds. Turning around was never discussed. We motorbiked straight into them & eventually the rain poured. I ducked down, he got soaked. A little shelter was found. We sat (at least 45 minutes) watching it rain, shivering & making conversation with a solider. We waited it out. No complaints. It’s rainy season & that’s just what you do.

The clouds slowly faded from grey to blue & then off we went. To the lake – as planned. The sand was wet. The huts empty. & the food delicious. Pad Ka Pao Gai (spicy chicken & basil), spicy pork liver & an entire steamed fish with sweet chili sauce. Everything about the day was fluid; a natural blend between Chiang Mai life & homeland comforts – humidity included. Mmm, water.