Body Apron

by jeannabauer

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My first project at Partners was to help Hser Gay Paw complete an order of body aprons. The aprons are sent inside Burma to teach children about their bodies/basic health. It was over mesh organs (tracing, cutting, sewing) that HGP & I first bonded.

They’re not terribly difficult to make, but the demand for more is constant. During one of our car-ride brainstorm sessions Dorothy & I thought – how can we use this demand to help the people of Burma? Migrant sewing project trainees, of course.

Last month, we transferred the production of body aprons to Mae Sot. We spent 3 days teaching trainees the whole process & they nailed it. Transferring the production allows the women to earn a small income while improving their sewing skills & create a product that benefits their people inside Burma.