May 18th

by jeannabauer


May 18th, 2013. Spent the day celebrating the marriage of a young Karen couple: blowing up balloons, finalizing the wedding banner, feasting on curried meat & coconut ice cream. A small gathering of people from neighboring villages – 3 dialects of Karen, a confetti overload & too many people deeming themselves wedding photographer.

Hser Gay Paw, See Khu & I ended our road trip that evening chasing rain clouds into Chiang Mai. While many, many miles & an ocean away – my dear friends Donny & Mary (& co.) were waking up – preparing for a big day of their own. The tales & photos that have trickled this way are perfect. Sunshiny & lovely.

Sometimes, I struggle in the space between what feels like parallel lives. In traditional clothing I sang with the Aunties & cheered on young love. In spirit, I sat next to a lake in Okoboji, Iowa with some of the best people I know. It’s not an easy task – loving so many people near & far. They’ll share an anniversary forever, these beautiful couples & I wish for them adventure, love & happiness well into their days.