Pig Project

by jeannabauer

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My friends & I bought a pig. I’ll let that soak in – we bought a pig. & naturally, decided to host a roast. When I say host – I mean, our dear friends at NEED did everything. Everything (sticks were drawn for a particularly … unpleasant step). 

After a morning of hair removal, pit digging & bamboo spit meandering … we spent the afternoon under shade trees, drinking beer Leo, playing with the pups & enjoying each others company.

Then, we feasted: ribs, loins, shoulder, butt … tail, skin, belly, ears, cheek & intestine. Delicious. & never ending.

Lighting was rigged into the trees & our gathering went into the night. A baby cow showed up & neighborhood friends too. The eating never seized. The day was an outstanding success, proving once again that if you give a group of men from Burma a challenge – magical things happen.

I was too busy sneaking spoonfuls of chili paste to take decent photos, the images above are my friend Suzanne’s.