Road Trip

by jeannabauer

A quick visit to Mae Sot with Hser Gay Paw & her husband, See Khu.

We stayed with Hpee Hpee MaNu in her beautiful wooden home; hidden behind years of city growth up & around the compound. For the last 50 years, MaNu’s home has been a space of refuge for the Karen: Generals, villagers, the wounded, displaced & hungry. The rooms oozed history & we spent our time in them snacking on mangoes & fish paste flipping between Thai dramas & WWE smack-down.

Our days & evenings were spent meeting up with friends, weavers & sewers. Hser Gay Paw handed out gifts of food & clothing. See Khu made sure I had at least 4 meals & 5 snacks throughout the day.

On Friday afternoon we drove to a small village outside of Mae Sot for a wedding. We stayed up into the wee hours of the morning arranging flowers, listening to a mix of Justin Bieber & Karen rock music, eating honey from the comb & beautifying the space. Saturday’s ceremony was short & sweet.

We spent the drive back to Chiang Mai eating apples, pointing out ‘animal clouds’, napping & practicing Karen fruit vocabulary. A lovely, whirlwind of a road trip with my Thailand MoMo & Pa.