by jeannabauer

We’re in peak hot season, folks. Thankfully, around these parts – we’re all in it together. Sweat stains are ignored, electrolyte packs are cheap and friends with pool access have been generous hosts. Songkran festival hyped us up and cooled us down for a few days; finally everyone seems to be settling back into their routines.

My routine isn’t a bad one. Documentary nights with friends, planning expeditions and new food challenges. Befriending the laundromat owner who has 10 baht coins ready for my unprepared-self before I walk through the door. Thai lessons with the new restaurant cook who says, “I miss you” if its been more than 2 days since my last visit. Getting smiles out of the elderly women on my morning songthaew route and testing my theory that the shop owner’s laugh volume is directly related to how large my grocery load is.

At work, I’m helping Dorothy organize: documenting product costs and material specifications, creating sales codes/collections and sorting inventory. (All while loving on Hser Gay Paw as I torture her for the facts and figures). Picking at bags, examining zippers and measuring woven panels hasn’t been easy for me. Numbers?! Details?! What?! Can’t I just sit behind a loom, eat rice and hug HpeeHpees (Karen for Grandmother) all day? The number crunching has been a real test of patience, but in reflection I know gaining experience in program management and development is a worthwhile challenge.

Trying to soak up and appreciate all the small things – be it product details that hurt my brain or the small quirks of culture that make my heart swell. Thanks for your continued support, thoughts and good energy.