Ice Cream Sandwich

by jeannabauer

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I had my first visitors! Yay! Before they came, I decided not having a plan was the best plan. Thankfully, Ms. Ashley & Renee agreed. By default, this lead to a lot of eating (& drinking in the name of medicine that one night I accidentally downed a cupful of mosquito larva).

Though plan-less their trip was far from aimless. I had some serious missions: mango smoothies, a crash course on Burma, street food, a mountain road-trip (somewhere, anywhere) & a Thai meat buffet.

The most sacred of all these plans – the Thai ice cream sandwich. I’ve passed up many a bell-ringing call, knowing I needed to share my first with Ashley. A literal ice cream sandwich. Two pieces of white bread. Two scoops of ice cream. A favorite amongst the locals. We shared one on her last day, it was a special moment.