by jeannabauer


The little girl in blue comes home from school everyday & immediately gets to work. With a knife bigger than her forearm she chops coconuts, green papaya & whatever else is on the menu. Already, her parents have spent the day working; her mom never stepping more than a few feet from an indoor cooking fire. The entire family participates in cooking & selling food at the factory across the street.

According to an article from Irrawaddy there are at minimum 100,000 non-registered migrant workers from Burma in Mae Sot. After crossing the river, many migrants find themselves in crowded garment factories, on dangerous manufacturing/construction sites or in laborious agricultural positions. “Many of these workers earn no more than a dollar or two a day, and reports of debt bondage, forced labor and child labor are more common here than anywhere else in the country”.

Factories are tucked behind gates. On every highway, on every dusty road it’s gate after gate after gate. Inhumane conditions, inconceivably long hours & heart-breaking stories – locked in & guarded. & I just wonder how long it will be before the girl in blue & her little brothers join the desperate masses.