by jeannabauer


Much like our morning, our evening challenge to find holiday festivities was at start – a fail. Convinced we’d find activity at Thapae Gate we found nothing but teenagers doing bike tricks.

Wandering from one quiet Wat to another, we decided to try one more – before giving into ice cream. It turned out to be Wat Phan Tao, a beautiful teak temple – bustling with holiday celebration. Tables of temple volunteers called out selling flowers, incense & candles. Lines of devotees circled the temple three times in honor of the Three Jewels.  & the Wat’s small courtyard was covered in candles, scattered with praying monks.

ThaZin & I quietly absorbed it all: observing the traditions, feeling the warmth of the candles, watching families & listening to the monk’s teachings. Afterwards we strolled through the crowds of venders selling noodle dishes, cotton candy & balloons. We decided on ice cream, which we shared with some hide & seek playing little girls. The evening ended sitting on the sidewalk – taking in the crowds, reflecting on lessons learned & staring up at the full moon.