The Farm

by jeannabauer

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Last week I got to visit the Partners Training & Development Farm. It was immediate love, resulting in an entire afternoon of convincing myself I could & should – become a farmer. Not only is the farm absolutely breathtaking, it’s the site of life changing, progressive work.

Partners operates two development and training farms in Thailand (one in Chiang Mai and one near the Thai-Burma border in Mae Sot) for creating simple, reproducible and sustainable interventions for people inside Burma as well as ethnic minorities in Thailand.

On the farms, we are developing efficient and sustainable ways to raise and feed pigs, chicken, fish and ducks as well as a myriad of plants, trees, fruits and vegetables. We also engage in enterprising technology initiatives such as solar, hydro and biogas systems; wood vinegar makers, soap production and the production of low-cost, readily available animal food.

These initiatives will continue to be used to equip and train villagers and farmers in Burma with the tools and knowledge for creating a more sustainable life for themselves, their families and their villages.

(Taken from the Partners Website)

The mastermind behind the development farm is Marv, the late husband of my main lady Dorothy. Sombat is the head farmer now: humble, smart, strong & making all those fancy words a reality.

& a happy birthday shout out to the best man of all, Leroy. Lots of love from Thailand, Dad! xo